¥ung ¢hef | Top Ramen

Out of the box/bowl, but yet again the same Top Ramen noodles we all struggle with. These two young creatives named Yung Chef and Doughboi have mastered the whipping of this fine Asian “cuisine”

Hitting nearly half a millie due to its vibrant colorful visuals and Doughboi’s entire outfit of Top Ramen gear. The video is making some waves on social media and websites like Reddit. Most of the reaction has been positive with compliments for the lowkey skilled bars of Yung Chef (15) and Doughboi. Others are criticizing the record for being derivative of a viral song and video made by Filthy Frank called Ramen King. Frank’s video titled “Pink Guy Cooks Ramen and Raps” was originally posted on YouTube in June 2013. Welp he say she says, peep the video down below and please do not forget the Sriracha sauce.

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