Does my music taste define who I am? Ya damn right. In the early mornings on your way to school or work. If its Migos ” Trap Problems” or Adele’s ” Hello”. It is okay to be an Emotional thug. We support you.

Our urban society is more alive than ever, making a new fresh statement by connecting and creating a more diverse network. Artists, producers and songwriters can evolve on there own by easily sharing and inspiring others through this platform. This improves the confidence to show the world your creativity in any way people can think of. Establishing a way for yourself through yourself. Our “new age” generation has to be the most outspoken and experimental one since ” The golden age of Hip Hop” – MC Hammer vibes. Referring to the groundbreaking albums that came out in the early ’80s and late ’90s.  Lyrical contents from that era often drew attention to a variety of social issues including Afrocentric living.

The characteristics of this golden age is the combination of sampling music from a wide  variety of sources to a new breed of producers. Which was okay because everything was innovative and new. It brought culture, diversity and influence together. I am no expert or philosopher but isn’t music what brings people together? Music taste is what defines us in every stimulating way. You connect with people who share similar music interests as you do. Especially if they hand you the aux cord in the car while you are in the backseat. This is your time to shine boo.

There are different ways to showcase music of any type of genre today such as the well-known website Soundcloud. Hailed as the worlds leading social platform, many people are familiar with the Global online audio distribution based in Europe. Allowing young artist/producers to upload and share their new artistry and originality. Using it as a way to promote themselves. Recently the wireless multi-room network specialists Raumfeld published another streaming attribute. The company has announced that later this year, its wireless speaker system will support Google Cast and SoundCloud. Unless you are still willing to stream from your Mac or using input cables. This is for those who do not own the Raumfeld speaker system.

Another platform is my great late-night friend Spotify. I am seriously done with their “Sweet Dreams” playlist. It involves some heavy Drake songs and The weeknd, why? who does this? I highly advice Kleenex tissue boxes and a fat snack on the side.
Why am I thinking about my non – existent future ex husband before I go to sleep at 2 am in the mornings. Be sure to listen to their ” Most DefLitly” playlist. If you’re looking forward to “turnup” somehow, this is that playlist you should want. Upcoming artist and independent ones are surely what you can expect. You can follow artists and users to stay updated on new tracks. I have overplayed my favorite old songs over and over again due to their offline play feature. We all forget how enlighten it is to switch from playlists compilations that are shared from people with the same music taste. Spotify offers a 3 month free trial which will get you on a good path for sure. In other words people have been sleeping on Spotify.

Streaming music sites have revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our tunes. No longer do we feel the need to actually own the physical media,
or have the files on our computer. Many of us are now content to simply stream music over the internet.


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