This Is The Suicidal State We Are Living In

In November 2015 Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs released a report; Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways To Lower Meat Consumption. In this report, they concentrated on what is really causing climate change and what we can do to effectively reduce it.

The Chatman House is not the only one who addressed this issue. Kip Anderson launched the documentary Cowspiracy in 2014, where he conversed with different organizations –who have the worlds best interest at heart– regarding raising cattle being the number one cause of many ecological problems. This is contrary to what Al Gore stated in his documentary film An Inconvenient Truth. In this film he illustrated what was causing global warming, –in his opinion– the effects of it and the dangers we are facing. But at no point in this movie did he tackle the REAL ISSUE, meat consumption. I wonder why…

tumblr_nzqh7zn0RF1s8zgwvo1_500What many do not realize is that there are animal products and by-products in almost everything we consume, that’s why reading labels is an essential. We consuming these products is not what is causing climate change, it is the maintenance, preparation and our demands that’s creating the problem. Raising cows produce more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry. This is equivalent to 34 trillion gallons of water for raising cattle and that is in The US only. Forests are being destroyed to raise cattle and to grow their foods. All of this is at the costs of all the animals that live in these forests. We can feel miserable and gloomy about it, but until we reform our demand for animal products, we are directly supporting the deterioration of this planet. Scientists predict that if we continue this way, there will be no land for us to live, just to support our insatiable appetite for meat and dairy. This already peeked over the quota of that what would be considered “healthy”.

All the donations to the big organization to help provide other countries with clean water, fight deforestation, poverty, etc. are in vain if we are still eating like we do. Ask your self, how many times a day I consume meat and dairy products? Have in mind that one-quarter pounder is interchangeable with 660 gallons of water which is good for two whole months of a shower. Our behavior is not only responsible for the environmental problems but also for our own health. The top five world death tumblr_nhu84kwr6a1tlrvfjo1_500causes are all related to diet. We are living in an age where everybody knows someone who has cancer or lost someone who had it. This is unacceptable, the solution is in our own hands and yet we choose for the suicidal option. The first law of nature is self-preservation, yet in our doing it is so hard to choose for life. According to the Chatham House report; Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways To Lower Meat Consumption the overconsumption of animal foods, especially processed meat, is linked to obesity and an increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. There are a lot of independent institutions and individuals out there who genuinely have the world’s best interest at heart. Since I adopted a vegan lifestyle I became intrigued by documentaries respecting environmental topics and conspiracies and believe it or not, everything is interconnected. The information for our progress is available but only if you are ready for a change and have an open mind to it. We can no longer rely on government intervention. We must show the “leaders” how to lead by being the leaders of our own environments.

Here you have three documentaries to expand your awareness on the topic aforementioned. We are the change we have been waiting for.



Forks over Knives


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