Nvjee The Wave Of The Caribbean

Hard 808’s, jazz samples and EDM synths is what this young producer is all about. Najee Rosario(Nvjee) was born on February 16th in Curaçao.


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MincedMilk: How was it like growing up?
Nvjee: “I never had a hard time growing up but it wasn’t easy, my parents were both
second class people, my mom was a hard working business women and my dad a musician.”

MM: How did making music come about and who inspired you?
Nvjee: “My father was a musician so he influenced me. I started out playing the flute, after that I learned how to play guitar and piano. I’m thankful because of my dad. He thought me how to mix music and after that I start getting into producing by myself as the years went by. I started producing EDM but I didn’t work out the way I planned after that I got into hip-hop, making old school hip-hop to now making what I like to call chill trap.”

MM: what type of music do you like?
Nvjee: “I pretty much listen to anything but I love classic rock, hip-hop, jazz. You notice all my favorite genres in the music I create because they are all a part of the sound I create.”

MM: what is life like now?
Nvjee: “Now making hip-hop beats for people, I also do engineering that’s my passion. I only do it for the people on Curaçao. I’m big in Curacao and I’m getting my name out there in places such as England, New York and LA.”

MM: How do you get inspired?
Nvjee: “As crazy as this sounds I get inspired when I’m in the shower, all these ideas just come in my head while I’m showering. I also listen to what type of beat I want to make to get inspired. I also get really inspired when I listening to Metro Boomin’.”

MM: How do you describe your sound?
Nvjee: “I don’t really know. If you find that it inspires you in some way than I know I did a good thing. My music is passionate and emotional. My genre is in between classic hip-hop and new hip-hop.”

MM: Describe your creative process.
Nvjee: “I start out with the drums that is the most important part for me. Then I find a melody and I layer the drums with it. For melodies I start on a piano to create a melody. Sometimes I scroll through my sound-kits to find a sound to go with my drums. For samples I got through my jazz albums. After mixing and matching I layer my sound and finalize my project.”

MM what do you want to accomplish with your music?
Nvjee: “I want to go as far as I can. I want to be recognized but not mainstream and as far as music engineering I want to get a degree in it, not as full-time job but on the side because I want the do psychology as my main degree.”

MM: What is the favorite track you created so far and what inspired you to make it?
Nvjee: “My favorite track is Alone featuring DC a rapper form England. I was in brazil for the world cup and I was listen to old cultural music from Brazil such as bossa nova. I came across a sample that I liked a lot and at that time I was really into this producer called Shamana. I liked his way of sampling so I made a similar sample to his cause he inspired me.”

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/240569364″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

MM: What are your future plans?
Nvjee: “My goals in 2016 is to get my name out there. It’s going good already but I need that extra push to get myself out there. I want to make my own name and my own brand. I also want success for a collective I’m part of called SAYO. I really want to collaborate with swuM. I also want to collaborate with Metro Boomin’, A$AP Rocky and Shamana

MM: What is SAYO?
Nvjee:SAYO: it’s not an official group yet but it’s in the works, it consists of 4 producers Ziggy $ensato, ¥ems, støinek and me (Nvjee). We are just making beats at the moment. SAYO the name is just a combination of letters of our names and the letter we have modified. S($ensato) A(Nvjee) Y(¥ems) O(Støinek). So be on the look out for us!”


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