Jason A.K.A “ShotByFerina”

His name is Jason de Kievit, a 21year old photographer based in Lelystad. and part of the young artistic group called ‘Black Acid’ , consisted of many different talents such as rappers, singers, producers and graphic designers. 

Right now I think it’s been half a year since I really started to take things  seriously, before that. I just practiced when I got the chance, I didn’t have my own camera back then. I copped my own camera like 7 or 8 months ago. A good friend of mine came with the idea to take photo’s with his camera like once in a few weeks. So we did that like 10 times, and he said : ‘The pictures you make are very good, maybe you need to do something with it’. So we kept doing our thing with the photo’s and I started to get more and more interested. He taught me the basics and supported me with certain items.

MM : What were the difficulties you encountered first time shooting?
ShotByFerina : Like I said, I needed to learn the basics. Another difficulty I had was the communication with people, I was a very closed person and didn’t really knew how to get people’s attention. But now it’s going the better way, especially now that I know that contact has been one of the most important things.

MM : What does ‘street photography’ mean to you?
ShotByFerina : For me, street photography is everything that happens in the streets and catches your eye, like random situations, random people who are just doing them out there.

MM : Who are some of your favorite photographers and how did they influence you?
ShotByFerina : I have a whole list of favourite photographers but I will name a few of them. Their photo’s all inspire me in different ways. But they all got their own style of creating a certain vibe, they all work in unique ways. That motivates me to create my own wave. Some of them are my friends and family they gave me feedback and they even taught me things,  I am forever thankful.

MM : Name one thing you like most when you shoot with people.
ShotByFerina : What I like, is that the person in front of the camera has a fun time during the shoot.

MM : Could you tell us more about your upcoming project?
ShotByFerina : My upcoming project.. I got more than 1 project on my mind right now but this will be the first; The idea is to walk the city of Amsterdam looking for strangers with unique appearances and unique facial features and take pictures of them. It will be called ‘Strange Faces’.

MM : What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started all over again with photography?
ShotByFerina: I think i would tell myself to never rush things, if I want something, I want it right away…And that doesn’t turn out good in the end.

MM : Why did you choose the name ” Shotbyferina “?
ShotByFerina : This is a good one.. all of my friends know i’m a HUGE fan of PARTYNEXTDOOR, I listen to his albums like every day. People started to notice that.
So back in march I went to his concert, bought some merchandise, one of the things was a beanie with “FÉRINA” on it, so days later people saw me with the beanie on and started
to say things like: “Yo férina”. So I got the nickname because of the beanie.


A big thanks to Kerenzah Wawoe from MincedMilk for interviewing me!

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