Letters To A King | Unearthly Touches

One touch was enough for me to break all the logics of science and nature. One plus one was no longer two. It was still one. I felt you in me, holding caressing and teasing my soul, before even really have you in me. Such a beautiful spirit, 360○ crowded and yet I felt like we were the one and only beings standing there.


I know you felt It too. THAT ONE TOUCH set a fire in me I never felt before, never even dared to think that there could be a feeling like this a human being could feel. Your perfectly shaped lips, nose and eyes layered under a bright bronze skin. Your royal brown locs hanging down the middle of your back connect all that facial hair around that beautiful smile.


Changing topics did not help me turn down the fire that was burning in me. Never have a minute of silence felt so sweet, especially when the silence is interrupted by a kiss. From that point on, I wasn’t me no more, I was this 13 year old naive girl who just got her first kiss. This iron lady was completely melted. like it wasn’t last week that she was crying about a heartburn.


You took charge and took down all my guards without me even knowing it. Now I really know how it does feel. I don’t even know if i can call ur kisses kisses. Your broke all the rules, all my rules, you hit a weak point in me who was unknown to me, even saw me shed a tear. You realized my darkest fantasies and saw my darkest corners but yet all I could do was smile.

Letters to a King

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