Take an inside look of these Instagram accounts. Two words – Dope and Asian. Reflecting the movement of gender-less style.

The belief shared by millennial that gender is on a spectrum, and isn’t binary has helped been a driving force for a more inclusive take on fashion. The latest approach isn’t just a trend we are seeing on the runway, but a larger movement towards the unisex fashion in the mainstream.

Jeanne Grey
The grey layers of a Filipino and German, based in New York City. With more than 100k followers, collaborations with Givenchy, Levis, Karen Millen, Bare Minerals and Steve Madden. Jeanne gives a more tailored approach to fashion, by making a statement. A minimalistic feed portraying her eclectic lifestyle shows her hard work and focus. Head over to her website for lifestyle and fashion.

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Alice Wang
Born in Shanghai, raised in Boston and Oslo, and currently based in Oslo, Norway. Alice is the embodiment of the beautiful Asian dream, and boy does her Instagram prove it. She has an eye for framing her overall outfit, the fashionable vibe remains intact. ” I’m a very big denim and sneaker freak. I’m definitely a cozy type with over sized sweaters and bottoms, and I love vintage pieces.” – Alice

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Kerensa Tjin
Chinese/Surinamese background, born in Holland, based in Amsterdam. Let that sink in for a second. Kerrkhaki’s Instagram feed is every bit of healthy dose selfies and traveling as you would expect. To shots of friends, places, parties and fashion, just a cursory glance of her feed makes you feel cool by cyber association. Check out her recent outfit diary in Italy.

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Yothin Khamwandi
From Thailand to Germany, to city murals and pastel colored hoodies. Yothin’s crisp, clean style and impeccable taste in luxury goods shows a sort of eye-catching scene on his feed. Often taking pictures in the city in front of really great architecture or moody spots like tall buildings, in quit trains and barren glass staircases.

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Adrienne Villanueva
Beautiful compulsive adventurer from the Philippines based in South London. Some collaborations of her include Nike, Converse, Footasylum, Superhero Magazine and Marbek. A feed filled with the latest but yet classic sneaks, Adrienne definitely shows the combination of simplicity combined with edginess. Check out her art page on Instagram as well.

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