Imitating Life

Monica Kim Garza is a Georgia based artist. Her work embraces the curves of the female body. She started with painting when she was a kid. Her life and those who are in it are her main source of inspiration. She describes her work as “Art imitating life”.

“I work on about 6 different paintings a day, so I probably finish like 4 or so paintings a week. I save some for shows and what not. Just rolling with the wind.


“Can’t sleep coz he hasn’t texted back”

“It’s really a reflection of the times where I have waited around for a text from a dude, whether is be in the day at work, whatever, you know when you just can’t concentrate coz you wondering what your dude is doing lol.”

“Reflection of my sanctuary reflecting on last year in my sanctuary”

“ This painting is a reflection of nowadays and how I am in my bed compared to before, like the painting featured in this one. That black painting was called “monida gahlo” from early 2015 and it was basically about me after me and my ex broke up. And the little pink painting of 69 in that black painting is painting I always hang. It’s from 2009 called “Anoche” and it’s one of my favorite paintings.”

“Deep Thoughts”

“That’s Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the background. Just really on how I feel about being an artist. You know Van Gogh only sold one painting in his life supposedly… and now look at him. So Idk, just kind of thinking about that in this painting.”

Screen-Shot-2015-11-29-at-9.58.09-PM (1)



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A special thanks to Monica for her time.



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