Balayage struggles..


Every year it’s the same damn thing.. I spend 100 years contemplating whether or not to color my hair just to color it back to black a couple of months later.. This year has been no different.. Ombre is so 2012 and the new thing is balayage.. But, there’s balayage ombre also, so consider that the hybrid..

So, ombre is the gradient effect from the tips fading upwards to the roots.. Balayage is practically colored from tip to root with lots of dimension and balayage ombre is the same with the added gradient effect to it.

Anyways, obviously I’ve had ombre before.. Sloppily done at home but it looked marvelous.. Until I start feeling like my face is dirty all the time. That’s the moment I rush to the store, buy all the black DIY hair dye and just slap it on like my hair has never known any other color.

So, come January and I’m convinced I’m doing it.. I started looking for pictures, looked around for hairdressers, asked friends for help, you know, all the necessary steps to give this mane a makeover. Chile, all a that in vain!

I went to the store on a Saturday, got the colors I wanted, texted my friend like ok, ‘we doin it’.. We agreed that it would probably be by the next weekend but we would stay in touch through out the week to schedule it in.. Woman (or man, heeey!), come next Saturday morning I couldn’t wait and I just went in.. Sloppily, messily, without any coordination or exact knowledge of what I was doing.. I just did it..

If you know me personally, (hey, friend, hey!), you know I have a bunch of hair and that I take forever to get it in a manageable state.. Last Saturday was no different.. Since I wasn’t sure whether I would be going to the beach or not, I left it curly..

The color came out pretty good and I probably need to go in with a lighter color to get the dimension I want but here’s the sad part.. Everything looks good when your hair’s curly.. It’s when it’s straightened that you see the actual damage you’ve brought upon yourself..

So, the purpose of this post is for all of youz to create a chain of positive energies and vibes so the universe grants me perfection of the mess I’ve done.. Look at the beauties down here and ask the hair gods to grant me beautiful balayage ombre just like that.. Know that your efforts are highly appreciated!


Dark-brown-ombre-hairstyle-to-blonde-long-balayage-hairstyle Brown-ombre-balayage-hair-style-for-2015-summer-with-natural-beach-waves Golden-brown-ombre-balayage-hair-with-caramel-highlight-natural-waves-fit-any-occasion- 6cf53ebc73bbd70cae7b0f875b675647 Dark-brown-ombre-balayage-hairstyle-2015-summer

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What are your thoughts? Are you into it or nah? You wanna do it or are you stanning for unicorn hair? Let me know!

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