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The new female hip hop duo, Junglebae got recently signed to Nouveau Riche Music, a Dutch hiphop/house label representing artists like Mr.Polska, Jebroer, Stepherd, Leo, Skinto, NoizBoiz, Kid de Blits and Boaz van de Beatz. In this article we will uncover a few things about these talented women and their new single release ”Backwardz”.

Junglebae is represented by Amy Lindo (26) and Gianni Webster (25). They’ve met each other in High School on the beautiful island of Curaçao, where they grew up. Gianni was planning on pursuing her studies in the Netherlands, whilst Amy would stay on the island. To celebrate their last summer together with a mutual friend, they decided to record a track with the three of them and plug it towards various local radio stations. The song turned out to be an unexpected hit. What started as a crazy fun idea, began to take a serious turn and decided to grab this opportunity with both hands. This is how Junglebae was born. Finding a ‘bit crazy strong feminine’ name for their new hip hop formation wasn’t easy

We were working on a song in which we used the lyrics ‘Junglebae’. After an extensive process to come up with the perfect name, we kept going back to Junglebae, so at some point we looked at each other and said simultaneously – How about calling ourselves Junglebae?

MincedMilk: Junglebae stated that the name would also fit their style and image. It is wild (jungle) but sweet (bae)
Junglebae: We always go with what we feel. There is always an element of sexy and feminine in our looks. We combine this with street. Our hairstyles are a very important element in our style. They are strong and recognizable.  We spice things up with accessories and statement pieces. We love cool and unique sunglasses. We never go matchy-matchy, because we are individuals. But we do like to have elements that complement each other, thus creating a strong look as a duo.”

MM: How does it feel to part of the Nouveau Riche Gang?
JB: Our expression towards being part of Nouveau Rich… It feels like a family. And the cool thing is that we’ve each accomplished so much already, and we can’t wait to contribute to that. Plus it’s extra special to be the first females in the group. Everybody is very supportive and they have really embraced us as part of the family.

MM: Explain Junglebae’s unique sound
JB: Our music is focused around rap and hiphop. Sometimes mixed with other genres such as dance, dancehall, trap, pop etc. We want to create music that is fresh and new. Each song we make has its own vibe. Also when it comes to our music, we go with what we feel at the moment. When we go to the studio, we tend to capture whatever vibes we (Junglebae, Boaz and other contributors) are in that day into the songs. The purpose of our music that we want people to have a good time and vibe on our music.

MM: What collaborations do you gyals look forward to and what’s the ultimate dream?
JB: At this moment we are focusing on creating a strong musical identity. Once we have that we can see what collaborations fit with Junglebae. The right feeling has to be there in order for it to work. Our ultimate dream is to have our own world tour. We want to have to the opportunity to bring our music to life through our performances.

MM: Describe your first single release Backwardz.
JB: We teamed up with Boaz van de Beatz, who produced the track together with his protégé Abel de Jong. The track features the unique Boaz-sound and if you combine that with our voices, the result is pretty unique if you ask us. The song is about living the life, ‘being fabulous’, but in a crazy way with catchy lyrics. But most of the time it is just an illusion, so you then you had it backwards.

Junglebae definitely brings that ”new new” to the table, that ”je ne sais quoi” and by the looks of it, you will feel hypnotized by their unique sound and style. With a supportive team/family, there is no doubt that this duo will make it big in the music industry.

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