Beauty Talk: Ancient Myths About Milk.

According to legend Cleopatra used milk as the basis for many of her beauty routines. Now if they are true, I shall never know, because let’s face it, Cleo and I were born at two very different time periods in the World’s history. But nevertheless legends seems to have some interesting takes on her beauty routines.

1. The famous Milk and Honey bath
This duo has become famous by the myth of Cleopatra. Aside from Cleo and her practises milk and honey are shown to have great result when used o the skin. The lactic acid in milk is very exfoliating, and honey is softening, moisturizing, and all-around beautifying. So it seemed fitting to actually go ahead and try the concoction. With too many hits on google, some healthy research on the effects of milk and honey on the skin, I arrived at at recipe that seemed easy and relaxing to use.

To prepare the milk and honey bath, mix half  a cup of honey with 3 cups of milk and add 5 tablespoons almond oil (the recipe said that you can also use olive oil, not my personal fav, but the option is open for you to use), then pour the mixture into your bath and enjoy! Your skin should be silky soft, if that is not the case (because all skin types are different), try exfoliating!

Use whole milk, because it’s the fatty and proteins found in the milk that will make your skin silky and soft. If you already have oily skin, you may want to skip the almond oil that this recipe calls for. See what other additives you can ad to the bath instead, making this recipe your own special concoction.

2. Milk body scrub
For better effect of the milk and honey bath, the servants of Cleopatra used to massage her body with natural body scrubs.
You will need: 2 table spoons of sea salt and 3 table spoons of thick cream (natural, flavour free cream). Now this mixture can be used while in the milk bath, or just used as a scrub while your taking a regular shower.

2 table spoons of sea salt and 3 table spoons of thick cream, mix thoroughly and your set.

3. Additives
There are so many additives you can use to make the milk bath complex and more tailored to your specific likes and needs.

  • Essential Oils if you have dry skin (jojoba, lavender, monoï or neroli), but be careful because some oils can irritate the skin.
  • Dried flower petals for an aromatic options (rose petals are often recommended). Once your done using the petals, place them in a bowl with cold water, let them soak further for about 2 hours, and you got yourself a cooling rosewater spray to take with you on the go when your face needs a little refreshing after long hours on the go.
  • Sea Salts (use this in the bath itself if you do not want to create the scrub).
  • Oatmeal soothes irritated skin, remember to blend it thoroughly before adding to milk bath (let it set for about 10 min).

However you choose to mix and create your milk bath it up to you, make it an experience you will enjoy. If you’re not the DIY kind of girl and would rather just go out and buy, we got you covered. Here are some amazing products to use in a bath.

All products below are suited for a warm bath during these cold winter days, if you’ve ever lived through winter you know how dry your skin can get.

1. The Body Shop: Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float. The name says it all, designed to make you fall into a slumber and awaken sweet dreams while you soak and relax.

2. LUSH: Yoga Bomb. This bomb does not explode, but rather fades into the water and gives you a dazzling aroma of scents comprised out of camphor and sandalwood. This is a stronger scent when compared to roses of lavender.

3. Yves Rocher: Badgel Haver. A simple and effective bathgel, if you rather eat oats then use them on the skin, this is an affordable replacement to use during your bath.

4. LUSH: Milky Bath. The milky bath melt gives you that soft milky effect without having to actually soak in milk.

5. Ren Skincare: Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. This not only soothes the soul and softens skins, the smell alone will make you drift off into dreamland while you take a bath.

6. LUSH: Honey Bee. These bathbombs are amazing, it offers complete relaxation and are fun to watch dissolve in water

7. Laura Mercier: Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath. Almond, Coconut, Milk and Honey!! Enough said, just try this.

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