Benji Taylor | 17 year old designer on the rise

The I-generation also known as generation-z is taking the world by its horns, filled with a handful of young entrepreneurs and activists taking matters in to their own hands

But, honestly, most of these teenagers do far more than just a day to day high-school life. Exploring/creating tools to expose themselves to the universe through social media networking by gathering along to share common interests. So it’s both intimidating and incredibly impressive that teenagers aren’t the layabouts people like to stereotype them as. And ‘The million dollar question’ — How do kids keep themselves occupied these days? With the internet playing a huge role, it’s a commodity to have an Instagram account since birth [cheers to the future]. 17 year old, Benji Taylor is surely making stone steps to secure his future. The British designer has shifted his talent in to his own company, called Next Exit, which already has 12 contributing team members. Abandoning school to focus on the business, [Bill Gates much] Taylor has made waves in the music industry, working with the A$AP crew and Ram Riddlz. Consistency from piece to piece, which is something the yunging is always working on and trying to improve his aesthetics. And looking up to people that manage to be great each and every time, with everything they do.

I’m no longer in school. I dropped out to pursue Next Exit and my other projects. Next Exit isn’t quite full-time. I work with my team remotely via Slack, so I can balance it with my other ventures. My daily routine varies, so I guess it’s not exactly a routine.
Usually I wake up later so I can be on American time. I respond to emails first thing, I update my to-do list on Clear. I work out my priorities for the day, and go from there.


 A lot of older people I follow seem to always produce something better than what they did previously. They make their mistakes in private, and share what they’re proud of in public. That’s what is attractive to me.


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