Brent Faiaz’s Posion

The mystifying 20-year old Maryland singer Brent Faiyaz moved to Los Angeles as many aspiring artists do, seeking recognition for his talent and a life in music. Releasing his new EP A.M. Paradox showcasing his promising voice.

The project dropped last week, with five impressive tracks, including the danceable closer, “No One Knows.” The record plays into the rhythmic island-oriented sounds; rap and R&B that have been flirting over the last while, but takes a unique approach.  A simple baseline pulsates throughout while echoing harmonies create a dreamy contrast to the steady drums. The executive producers include Faiyaz himself followed by Grammy Award Nominated Paperboy Fabe and Pablo Dylan, next to co-producers; Ben Free, Sonder and LosHendrix. Seeing that over the years genreless R&B has taken over there’s no doubt that Faiyaz has the tone and over feel to expand into a solid career. Proving his honest lyrical approaches, melodic choices, use of instruments, and storytelling allows you get lost in a deep hole of provocative feelings and fantasies. Peep the EP down below.

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