Bomb-Ass Beauty Finds


Ever been hesitant about buying products because you don’t know how they would work out? Well, ya girl is here to help you out. I’ve been trying out some drugstore products and I’m ready to review them. In this post, I will feature products that are worth purchasing and trying out. Also, I will keep my products as money friendly as I can.


First up is the Scrub gel cleansing – Kruidvat.8833528594462

Every once in a while, it’s good to scrub off dead skin and dirt of your face. Especially if you have been wearing a lot of make-up and or just been outdoors a lot. Your skin encounters dirt and bacteria daily that you don’t always see. Now I know that there are so many options on the market but I wasn’t planning on spending my savings. I wanted a grab, wash and go alternative. So when I found this product it was ideal! It’s for all skin types. Smells fresh and has this tingling clean feeling.

huidherstellende crème – Kruidvat 

Another great find is this product which helps fade away scars. Also, one of those grab and go products. And it actually works. You will start noticing results within 2 to 3 weeks of usage.



Reinigingsgel- Benzacarereinigingsgel

This cleansing gel is good for normal to sensitive skin. Especially for those with acne problems. I like to use this cleanser when I’m having that time of the month headache. So if you have sensitive skin, acne or just some troubled days I totally recommend this gel.



Make-up removing micelle solution – Biodermah2o_250

Oh, this is the most refreshing makeup remover out there. It’s H2O based so yes it feels just like water splashing on the skin. It’s for sensitive skin but you can use it on all skin types. It removes everything! If you are lucky you might get this on a buy one get one free special.





If you try any of these products let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on products I need to try please leave a comment.



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