Better late than never is what I always say. October’s Very Own finally came through and blessed us with his latest musical project — More Life, A Playlist by October Firm, last Friday on episode 39 of OVO Sound Radio.

The numbers speak for themselves yet again. Breaking streaming records on Spotify, More Life as of the writing achieved 61.3 million streams over the 56.7 million that Ed Sheeran set with his “÷” album. Given his notoriety, ability to make you want to call your Ex, his tendency to borrow inspiration, and feature other top-notch acts such as; Skepta, Giggs & Jorja Smith from the UK, Black Coffee from South Africa on this album for instance; I really think that he’s trying to keep himself relevant given the up and comers in the music game which are dominating the airwaves right now I.e.: Migos, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert. Before you dismiss this argument.

A playlist by October Firm — What do you mean by this drizzy? My man, I feel you through and through. Your everyman speak has guided me and inspired me ever since you came out. But what do you mean by it’s a playlist? It’s still an album Bro. But If you want me to call it a playlist, I’d say that you are being the good guy that you have always been, and simply curated a playlist from your secret stash that will be my summer jams. “My Man!”, the instrumentals that make up Passionfruit, are reminiscent of a beautiful summer day. Same goes for “Get It Together” – Beach Club party music much?

Summer album — ehm…ehm..ehm..playlist — Overall the playlist has a very light, upbeat, aura to it. Given the instrumentals and samples that he incorporated, I find it safe to assume that our boy was thinking summertime when he was curating/making this playlist. It makes sense, per the fact that we are only 4 months away from the season which gives the album enough time to do the rounds; climb billboard charts, repeated play on the radio, remixes etc. I can already picture myself vibin’ to: “Sacrifices”, “Madiba Riddim”, “4422”, and of course “Portland”.


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More of Drake being Drake? — Consider that Drake has been on the top charts for a while now. He built himself a career on being that one overly introspective, emotional, light skin rapper that everyone can relate to. However, for how long can he sustain his notoriety given the competition from up and coming rappers such as Logic, GoldLink, J-Cole? It makes sense that he incorporates other international artists to increase his reach, relatability & overall presence within the global music industry. Likewise, his excessive use of Caribbean slang and musical samples only make Drake the product more appealing to the masses.

In conclusion — More Life is a solid album considering the variety of lesser-known musical acts like JME, Skepta, and Black coffee. Most will agree that the variety is the definitive X-factor that makes this album a success. Most importantly, let’s not forget the producers: Noah 40, Boi 1da, and Allen Ritter. Likewise, we can’t deny the summer jams that will rule the airwaves in a few months, but for how long will he keep his title? Only time will tell.


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