MincedMilk Challenge | Collecting Moods


Approximately 2 years ago I was searching for the God within and I was trying all kinds of new things and doing stuff I haven’t done in ages. On this journey I bought myself a coloring book, crayons and pens.  I would bring them everywhere with me cause you never know when boredom can strike.

At first all my friends were like “WTF are you doing”, ignoring the obvious, searching for the deeper meaning on to why I choose this activity above any other. Putting aside all the positive impacts coloring has on our overall being, it’s actually something I really enjoyed doing growing up. You must remember all the stories and decoration your friends did in your dairy, right?

Well now I collect moods in my coloring book. My friends can’t resist the urge to color when they visit me. So every time they come around, they write their name and date on the page they colored. Unlike taking pictures I have their mood in my coloring book.

Now adults have so many options when it comes to choosing a color book. Do you have a coloring book? When was the last time you colored? Join Mincedmilk in this challenge #MMColectingMoods #MMCM so we can follow your collection.

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