MONTER A.K.A Fresh Prince of The Hague

Producing came to place in his early teens, and so on a whole new way of creating music was discovered. He began learning and understanding the visual and music patterns of the production program while he was still in high school, and he hasn’t stopped since.

The Hague – based young beat maker born in 1997, grew up to a musician father and schoolteacher mother. “My parents were very liberal with me, I remember wanting to be alone most of the time while playing outside, I enjoyed my space. Following his primary school years, the interest in trend following at that time wasn’t that high so he resorted to music instead. At the age of 10 he started playing the bass guitar, which was obligated by his father in order to play what he really wanted  — the drum set.

Smooth Hi – hats and hard 808’s are my thing, but I’m still finding myself though. It’s a process to generate your own sound. Once I learned how to do it I just made like four to five beats a day — I was curious. I learned making beats on my own with a little help of YouTube and I only got better when I started meeting other producers.

Minced Milk: How did you first find your sound?
MONTER: It all started out as an experimental base using FL Studio, listening to High Klassifieds dj sets. I’mma huge fan so it was basically just analyzing what I like to hear and trying to recreate that in my own way. My first track sucked compared to what other people were making. It was a crappy rip – off of Yellow claw haha. After that I got better and kept experimenting. I motivated myself and it became my second priority besides school.

MM: Is there anyone you look up to in the music industry?
M: Kanye West is one of the few people I follow, only because he really believes in his opinion and talent, that’s why most people don’t like him. And I respect the movement he’s created with his clothing line and music. Leaving out the fact that he wants to run for president –  no, just no haha.

MM: What do you want to accomplish with producing ?
M: It’s a vague street, I have no idea about my future but I know its gonna be bright. If I’m ever asked by rappers to produce for them, then I will focus more on that and go in the same direction as producers like Boi – 1da or Dj Mustard , there’s just a lot of ways that my career can fly off, now that I’m way more busy with my own sound. If you take for example Kaytranada, aside from producing, they have their own tours and stuff so you never know what can happen. It depends on the fan base too, because remixes mixed by producers can be catchier than their original production.

MM: What’s your favorite old school song?
M: Pfff… hard one, there’s so much choices,  but I guess I have to say Just Playing (Dreams) By Biggie Smalls ’cause I can rap the first verse flawlessly.

MM: Are there any producers you would want to collaborate with?
M: It honestly depends on what I feel like making, but I would say Mr.Carmack and not even necessarily to collab with him,
but more to just smoke sum and learn from his sound and his progress making his songs.

MM: Favorite song at the moment?
M: My favorite song mostly switches by week or even by day, ’cause I always want to be up to date on soundcloud so I’m continuously discovering new artists and new sounds.

MM: Best/favorite track you have produced.
M: My favorite track I produced… yeah there are so many, my favorite track might even be unreleased, but at the moment I think Touching Skies is a track that I’m really proud of, I had the concept for that song in my head for a while but it turned out even better than I envisioned.

MM: Speaking of  Touching Skies, what brought the idea to produce it?
M: Well one of my friends is from Kazakhstan and he listens to a lot of Russian rap, and in one of them a sample was featured that I used  for “Touching Skies”. I think it’s some sort of Bulgarian women choir, since the first time I heard it I’ve always wanted to sample the intro and create this whole dark grimy-trap beat. Which eventually turned out to be “Touching Skies”

MM: What does your name, (monter) mean ?
M: It’s French for; uprising or lift off and Dutch for; fresh, clean, charged up.

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