Music Playlist | Banana Grooves

A banana is considered a happy fruit, no further explanation needed. The priority of this article is for you to listen to the music and feel the vibe. MincedMilk Noise takes precious time in finding new tunes covering different genres.

These tracks will trigger your inner chakra, feel-the-chill, the love and positivity. In a world full of egos, the only thing we can do on a daily basis is release and spread all that positive energy. This playlist will make you swoon through the confusing summer weather. It will lift the spirit up through the rainy days and requires to blissfully groove on the brighter sunny days. If this is still about the weather, then I guess it depends how you interpret things in life! In all seriousness, one visual is included in the gallery above in order for you to feel the vibe. It is recommended to not get lost in the sauce.

MM’s Noise Shummer Shessions is back and in full effect.

Banana Groovin’ Bih!




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