Petty Spaghetti | A taste of your own sauce

Jesus take the wheel… is it rude to acknowledge the trifling society we live in but also the inner Kermit, the frog in all of us? As social media takes it’s right, from avoiding what already is justified nowadays.

Fair enough it’s cynical humour — cynicism, based on the irony, polemical and subversive rhetoric sarcasm; and at other hand with demonstration of truth. Also, known as facts. Despite not fully having the purpose to make you laugh, but the sincerity of it defines no frontier when it comes to the ability/curse of being petty. Although it’s a dark way of facing reality with a twisted positive outlook on life. Most people are petty or shady somehow every day, since the average person sits about to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of their lifespan staring at their phone screen. Whereas media outlets have been and will be the modern influence to upcoming generations. So as far as memes surround us, you are unwillingly a loyal member of the petty committee. See this as a template on how things stroll by in life. Situations that put you in the utmost annoyance by shit that happens and gives you the chance to roll the dice and make a firm decision on how you self-reflect. Now if you’re a constant Debbie Downer and most likely to be a negative ass person, this is not pointed at you. Or maybe a bit. petty.

The act of it comes in different forms that are either hilarious or done with someone’s fakery. Does it change the way you think about the situation? Leading to pretty much doing anything to put someone right back in their place and making sure you’ve got the upper hand, so you don’t end up getting played or taken for granted. There is always something that is going to trigger you in life, and sometimes challenges your gut. But to all appearances you must be petty at times. To keep your sanity in basic common sense, whilst staying up skilled to anything that presents itself. And well enough to keep you grounded against anything that pushes your buttons. As far as composure goes, it’s all about containing yourself in petty scenarios. Meaning you will not drag someone out of pure anger or personal problems. Being petty stands at a certain extinct, well that’s if you’re so done with that 9-5 job you’ve been holding down because bills are not a joking matter.

And the first thing to not be petty about, yet still are –
The proper role of a parent is to provide encouragement and developmental stages that are important to all aspects of your life including physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Now if your mom is naturally petty, this will most likely be “inherited” and passed on to you and your kids as well. Growing up to having the urge of being very reactive to certain things can increase your level of self-awareness or shade your view on a more optimistic upbringing. It goes as far as Greek myths, where kings and heroes of ancient Greece were often terrible people. Who could steal, rape, torture, or kill pretty much anyone at any time. Even the wisest and kindest could be kind of a dick sometimes. Athena was generally the most level-headed of all the gods, but even she had a temper. When Poseidon raped the beautiful priestess Medusa in one of Athena’s temples, the goddess was so pissed off that Medusa had somehow not managed to fend off the advances of the god of the sea she turned her into a monster with snakes for hair, and then she later helped Perseus kill Medusa. Athena was one of the goddesses who helped start the Trojan war, because she was pissed off when Paris awarded Aphrodite first prize in a goddess beauty contest. And when she heard about a woman named Arachne, who said she was better at weaving than the goddess herself, she challenged the mortal and lost… and was so mad she turned her into a spider. So yeah, it goes pretty deep.

Your ex 
This is the douche or childish ex’s you’ve been seeing for the past 2 years in a row. How great he/she was in fun times but also time consuming that is hard to get back after it’s over. However, this does not give you the right to see them as a waist; lesson learned and on to the next one, right?

Again, your ex
Let’s be honest here for a second, we are already being petty enough for writing this article. Why not seal the deal? Yes, see it as a waist but free wisdom. Men tend to fail sometimes, for not realising how woman understand the meaning of being in a relationship. The hurt and weight it brings along with the fear of allowing a stranger to uncover the real you in layers; the stage of euphoria. Where each of you think he or she is the last man/woman on earth. Every word, every touch, every glance seems like magic. It is exactly at this stage where the most of things go wrong. Because we are looking not only for the right person, but the perfect person, a near impossibility. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you’re chasing a mirage, a pipe dream. But it’s a calling of woman nature. The real question remains — Why chase someone, let them fall in to it and then unequally divide the blame. There’s never a right time to heal from things, it happens when things fall slowly back in to place. Take that time to re-evaluate your worth and find energy in hobbies or work. After that phase, be petty if you want or just move on.

Vicious personalities
You always find yourself in social situations where there was someone that rubbed you the wrong way or who was difficult to deal with. Which is inevitable going to be around you? And occasionally tried to overall wish to not interact with them. Some people have characteristics that tend to feed themselves on to a higher cloud of self-indulgence that they forget that the world consists of more people. Whelp… remember that every person is the star of his or her own TV show. They genuinely think they are the best person in the room, and it’s just the definition of “best” that’s the problem. It’s hard at times to try and compete with these types of personalities, since they are the way they are till the end of the century. Why bother having a rival discussion if you could just  let them have their own runway. So, every now and then think about them from their point of view, and their annoyances will make sense. And yours will too.

P.s This is not aimed at our LGBTQ community, ya’ll have got all the damn right to be petty.