Photorealistic Paintings Of Architecture By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson was born in Wales in 1946. He studied at the Royal College of Art and creates hyperreal paintings buildings and interiors since 1967.

his first solo exhibition was at the Wickesham Gallery, New York, in 1969 immediately after graduating from the Royal College. He is best known for his paintings based on architectural spaces and his large-scale, intricately detailed cityscape paintings, which include panoramas of Hong Kong, Zürich, Jerusalem, Liverpool. Over the past 46 years he has exhibited widely in galleries and museums across the world. His work is part of a travelling exhibition currently touring museum venues in Europe. The first retrospective exhibition of his paintings opened in September 2015 at the Southampton City Museum and Art Gallery in the UK and the January 23rd 2016. Johnson has been an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects for years in honor of  his contribution to the public’s understanding of contemporary architecture.

Each painting is built in stages, similar to the process of creating a collage, Johnson primarily works from photography. Paint is sprayed onto the canvas (using stencils) rather than using a brush, and a combination of techniques including sponge work to create texture, and vinyl cutting are applied to create the final product. Johnson’s pieces take months to complete, each step done slowly and precisely. He doesn’t work alone. Johnson says:  “each painting is a collaboration that is more important than me as an artist, or me as an individual.”








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