Playlist | Caribbean Dungeon by Ziggy Sensato

Allergy season has returned upon us and so has our Spring Dungeon playlist made with a twist by Ziggy Sensato, member and founder of Curaçao based — Sayo Sound Collective.

A group of young friends combining their unique sounds together that holds the title of everyone’s producing initial. ziggy SensatonAjee, Yems and StØinèk. Forming a solid brotherhood and perhaps a new sound aspect the small island has its shares for. Mixing but also sampling vocals of their own taste of music that differs from future sounds to island music. A new way of transitioning popular local hits such as the remake of Donkey Kong by  Dj Iski. One of the many dj’s who gained notoriety among the local youth in the party scene, for his raw form of speed-up dancehall popular in the Dutch Caribbean.
But the term Luxury Lounge music, curated by Ziggy on the island is the vibe this playlist will have. The purpose of listening to Spring Dungeon is for you to zone out and create a calmness before the summer storm. Peep it below.

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