35 Tips | Recognize F*ckBoys

So once upon a time I wrote this fuckboy story, which I hope many women could relate to. Now with this post, I want to encourage you women, to open your eyes and see if any of these apply to your current partner and recognize if there is a fuck boy syndrome. If the answer is yes, take the time to analyze if you deserve better and if the situation is worth it and if you are happy. If your answer is yes, go ahead and enjoy your life but don’t complain when he fucks you over. (just keepin it real). If your answer is no, then it’s time to block, delete, unfriend, unfollow and move on!



Enjoy these 35 tips to recognize the fckers:

  1. If  he calls you baby, baby girl, mama, momma or any other slang that directs to “I want your pussy name” excessively, he is a fboy
  2. If he asks in his first questions, in order to get to know you  something about sex, he is a fboy
  3. If he wants to play 21-questions and one of the first questions is “are you a virgin?”, he is a fboy
  4. If he replies in any point in time “what would you do if I was there?”, he is a fboy
  5. If he asks you for nudes or keeps asking for nudes…. he is a fboy.
  6. If he uses pity to get nudes or sex, he is a fboy. Example: “Ah my friends don’t help me with anything, I feel so alone” or “I have no one I can trust besides you” or If he uses pity to get nudes or sex, he is a fboy.
  7. If he refers to women as whores, bitches, sluts, hoe’s or any other insulting word he is a dick and a fboy. 4647d89e0b60e174e8df5e0fdbb63e90
  8. If he asks about your weight he is a fboy
  9. If he texts you after 10pm he is a fboy, after hours are booty call hours so don’t get it twisted.
  10. If he tells you not to tell anyone that we are talking then he is fboy.
  11. If he doesn’t want to hang out with you in public he is a fboy.
  12. If he expects sex after spending quality time with you, he is a fboy. Example even if he spend money to buy you a happy meal and expects sex after.
  13. If he takes to many selfies of himself and send them to you, he is a fboy.
  14. If he is an attention whore online posting to many pictures for likes, he is a fboy.
  15. If he tells you that “you are the only girl I’m talking to”, that is pure false and he is a fboy.giphy (3)
  16. If he says “I’m not a fuck boy”, he is a fboy.
  17. If he gets insulted by any of the above and states it’s not true, then he probably is a fboy.
  18. If he says “nobody will know”, we will keep it between us”, he is a fboy.
  19. If you say “I’m going to take a shower” or “I just got out of the shower” and he replies with “without me?” “Let me see” or “wish I could be there to join you”, he is a fboy.
  20. If he doesn’t believe in labels, he is a fboy.
  21. If he believes “friends with benefits” is considered a relationship, he is a fboy.
  22. If he disrespects his own mother, he is a fboy.
  23. If he talks shit about his ex’s, he is a fboy.
  24. If his friends are fboys, the chances are high he is a fboy.
  25. If he talks to you while he has a girlfriend, he is a fboy.
  26. If he hits women, he is a fboy.
  27. If he asks you to Netflix and chill, he is a fboy.
  28. If all or most of his conversations revolve around sex, he is a fboy.
  29. If he doesn’t reply for 10 hours but you see him online everywhere, he is a fboy.
  30. If he is commenting emoji’s on every hot girl’s picture, he is a fboy.
  31. If he never asks how you are after you just asked him how he is, he is a fboy.
  32. If he brags about his relationships, girls, sex or money, he is a fboy.
  33. If he tells you that “you are the one” or that he misses you or that he loves you, but he can go days without talking to you, he is a fboy.
  34. If he checks out your friends, he is a fboy.
  35. If he is ashamed to make your relationship public, he is a fboy.




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