Rich Chigga | Who That Be

16 year old Brian Imanuel aka Rich Chigga made some controversy regarding his overnight hit Dat Stick. Now he’s back with a following banger called “Who That Be” which is just as catchy as his overnight hit.

It has the same low bass slummed vibe as his first breakout track and runs just under two and a half minutes. Furthermore, since the “Dat Stick” music video was well-received by current rappers in the industry. After admitting that the video and song were only meant to be half-serious, Rich Chigga is actually thinking about pursuing a career in rap since people were taking him serious. The new track is produced by Sihk and appeared on youtube on Tuesday. With a deep voice and rapid flow Chigga delivers the song via a lyric video where he raps about “all his people riding in the backseat of a killing spree” and getting bread and spending it on Balmain. Check it out down below.

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