Self-Love | Teaching Girls How To Be A Spiritual Woman

Spirituality is a term often used to give direction to religious practices. These practices focus on changing your behaviour to serve and obey a certain god. The perception of this god is generally described in a way that is hard to relate to. It is laid so far from our own culture and scientifically nothing adds up.

On the other hand spirituality is a journey to find the God that lives inside of each and every one of us. It is not something you become; it’s a process you engage in. Just like a caterpillar evolve and become a beautiful and delicate butterfly, so can we evolve and be the better version of our self. Women are the most powerful beings in this world. We don’t only run this world – we heal, nourish and support it. Unfortunately we learn about this too late in our lives. Everything that is created goes through cycles, at the end of each cycle you either master the matter or you learn. Man go through a different cycle than women do. Women go first through childhood, womanhood and then youth. This is why some women are more mature than man. Yet some women are stuck and reason like a girl. And these girls have families and fxck up generations to come. So here you have the tools to start your journey on evolving into a confident spiritual woman.

  • Recognize the patterns
    From the early stage in life, our consciousness is recording our experiences. This single action is forming the mold of our life. Everything in life is the same, just in different degrees. Unless the paradigm is shifted, we will face the same situations, just in a different degree. To avoid this, it’s primal to learn the lesson we need to learn from individuals who comes in our lives. Everybody comes in your life with a mission, it’s to elevate you, educate you or destroy you. This is why we need to analyze our actions and the type of relationships we have. By following these structures we become visionaries and can avoid obstacles – this is how you take control of your own life.
  • Healing?
    Just like a new-born child needs to be left alone at times, so does adults, to heal their emotional bodies. Growth is the only thing in life that is constant. So it is essential for us to grow. Just like “The Metaphysics of Aristotle” opens; all men desire to know. Before knowing what is out there we first must know oneself. We must know what tools we posses so we can recognize the endeavours we need to engage in to achieve our goals. The only way to get in touch with your tools is by going back in. Until you have control over your tools and can put them in action to benefit you, you need to pull back from everything to rediscover and heal yourself.
  • What dat mouth do tho?tumblr_o10olrdKoF1ttgbwzo1_400
    One of the most powerful gifts women have is her mouth. Women speak things into existence and create generation where you can still see its effects. We must be aware of the moments we use certain words and the tone of which is chosen to express. Consequently our words can create at least three generations of strong confident woman and man or even destroy them. This is how you master your own life & elevate the quality of life of the coming generation. The more senses are involved in transmitting a message the bigger the impact of the message. Mindfulness while speaking is essential because when a message is send, it can’t be taken back.
  • Who are your council a.k.a  friends?
    If you are getting advice from individuals who are succeeding in all the aspects of life that is when you consider their advice. Otherwise, prove how well their advice is working out in their own life.  Sometimes we take advice from our down low haters and we run with it without knowing how the consequences will turn out for ourselves. When you trust your self and your pieces are well put together, at some point in live you wont need a council to give you advice. At this stage of confidence you recognize your own patterns and this will guide you to manifest your dreams and goals.
  • Values are our shapers
    Values shape our boundaries; they are the bricks that keep us from flooding. When your relations are based on common values you will harvest the juiciest fruits. If you have never taken inventory of your values, maybe it’s time to do it. Having the same artists, colors and movies in common is a little dated if you want to realize your dreams. Values also determine the path you choose to walk. Instead of having conversation on matters that leads to fruitless road, we should talk about values with our friends and families.

Above all love yourself, more than anyone & anything else. Love you so they can see you as an example of how you should love. And by mindful of who you got on your team, because most of the time, the ones who are on your team haven’t met you yet.
Peace & Blessings

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