ZDDZ FW16 Collection | Synthetic Overture

“The inspiration for this collection came from my personal experience: I lost my last two boyfriends to computers. One was a graphic designer, another a hacker with a day job as a 3D-animator, and both spent almost all their time in front of the screen”

For the Fall/Winter collection Moscow-based ZDDZ Desingner Dasha Selyanova uses slogans like “C01MPUTER”, “MACHINE”, “ARE YOU HUMAN?”and “UNAVAILABLE” to represent the modern obsession with our digital persona. When you’re looking at the collection you’ll get a cyber-ish vibe. The collection features the label’s signature straight, elongated silhouettes in rough hard fabrics and voluminous shapes and explores the impact of digital technology on identity, the body, sexuality and the way we interact with each other. Military jackets, baggy trousers, red vinyl and over-sized coats could have been worn by the hackers of the 90s. Technology and the hacker culture are definitely the inspirations for this collection. The collection drops in September. Check out the full lookbook at ZDDZ.


Technology is supposed to bring us together but in reality we spend most of the time in our rooms looking at screens, with nothing but the illusion of communication. Are we still human? Can we still be intimate? Are we in touch with ourselves or more so with our machines? – Selyanova



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