Mirroring | Afurokami

Last week the MincedMilk team peeped a quick jam session by Josimar Gomes, followed by his nearly two-hour set supported by a handful of sermons.

One of which was delivered from a top riser, Fabz Pi — on brazen of free spiritless and pure individuality. Although waves were also caught by Congolese poet TSHI KAPA, showcasing his Go Back To Your Woods EP, carrying the crowd with mellow vibes. Additionally Josimar showcased a catalog; bounced between genres, topics and attitudes toward love, societal expectations and human existence, the introspective artist remained celebratory and uplifting, emerging in a Jimi Hendrix tee beforehand. Releasing his single Mirrors earlier this year, directed by photographer/film maker Julia Marino, shifting local bound settings in to voluptuous city visuals throughout the clip. Case in point — Josi has more to offer regarding his talent plus charisma, listen down below folks.


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