Tyler the creator | creates the greatest cooking show

Where food meets humour motherf*cker. Tyler, the Creator is more than just a rapper. He’s a fashion mogul, a savage and a pretty great cooking-show host.

In the second season of “The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time”— Odd Future’s parody cooking series starring Bonnie Lalich. Previously available only on the Golf Media smartphone app, the vid features the rapper taking on the persona of “Mawrk” in order to cook up some classic Eggo waffles with cinnamon. Toasters are apparently overrated, Tyler explains as he proceeds to throw Bonnie’s out the window [thus his savagery].Profanity and awkwardness comes together in this show, but before you start question Tyler’s culinary expertise, he’s pretty much a pro when it comes to making simple breakfast foods. Check out the episode below on how to make basic ass waffles taste “like Nickelodeon on Saturday“.

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