Letters To A King | This Bill Ain’t Mine

 Sitting around the table of veracity, we dove deep into conversations figuring the menu of life.
Many rounds passed sipping on the idea of what we could be.
Being the gentleman that you are you made sure I was served first.
You surprised me with an appetizer full of unknown soulful mutual ambitions, electric connections & the deep desire to elevate passed this material world.
Delightful to the mind.
Next serving was on me.
So I provided you with the constellations of my mind.
Bewildered, you challenged me to go deeper so I showed you the jitters & the peace.
The dysphoria & euphoria. The abjections & comforts.
This is the bare I.
Like no one has seen before.
Mystified by the new realm, you couldn’t resist to hold my hands and took me to dessert.
You swayed me into the lonely hallways of your universe.
Full of good intentions but dusty.
Such a alluring zone but abandoned.
Mixed feelings clouded the mind.
How can such an exquisite site be so deserted?
It was until I got the bill that everything fall into place.
The bill was filled with insecurities, trust issues & fears.
Nothing we ordered.
We sipped on the future yet I’m paying for old scars.
We had an sweet dessert yet I am feed for a sour one.
I cannot be paying her debts.
Can’t be hold accountable for her faults.
Can’t be responsible for her doubts.
I refuse to pay.
This bill ain’t mine!

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