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In previous beauty posts I gladly explained what the point of powders are and also the purpose of using foundations, so now we need to move on and discuss concealers.

Now- a-days social media has been showing multiple ways and purposes of concealers but the main objective to use concealer is to conceal. Yes, very simple. The name says it all. A concealer should be your skin savior. To make all the visible issues more invisible as possible. Problems such as blemishes, scars, areas pf pigmentation, shadows. Concealers are here to make your face flawless without heavy coverage.

3 main types of concealers
First being light-reflecting concealers. These are best for those looking to cover darkness around the eyes. But can also be used as a highlight. They help to lift and give a more refreshed look.

Second is the opaque coverage. Stick or palette concealers are the best way to go in order to get a full coverage for any unsightly marks, but be sure that you have the right color. These concealers give you extra coverage and are also the best to correct any mistakes.

Color correctingcolor-wheel
Third is the color correcting concealers. So you may have seen these color-correctors on the market. But do you actually know why they are either purple, green, yellow or red? Well, it all has to do with the color wheel. If you take a look on the color wheel, you will notice that each color has a corresponding shade that can help balance it right across. This technique is used in everything beauty because it gives the best correcting effect. For example for those problems that are harder to camouflage. The rule is simple, green tones combat redness, lavender tones combat yellow or sallow skin and apricot tones conceal blue tones and warms the skin, oh and let me not forget that red corrects dark spots. Now to add value to this article, here are some of the top concealers in the game.

Laura Mercier undercover pot- 39_6367357

MAC studio finishes SPF concealers- 20mac-concealer_studiofinish

Maybelline instant age rewind eraser. Dark circles concealer treatment- 16.45 13521050_Alt01

NARS radiant creamy concealer- 29 s1478403-main-zoom


Lancome waterproof protective under-eye concealer – $31hwthumb  


IT cosmetics bye bye under eye- $24


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