Wait, Hold Up, Is It 2026?

Stumbling upon old writing’s of mine is probably the coolest thing ever. Why? you ask, because you get to see what the hell you were thinking back then, you actually can see how you transformed from a young grasshopper to a kick-ass woman. Some people may experience a hint of nostalgia, “aahhh the good old days.” While others just wish they could rewrite the letter, you can’t help who you were sweety, you moved on anyway from being that person.

Whether or not you’re dreams came through, it really is cool to look back and laugh, have fun and enjoy you’re old self.

So here is a little video featuring Kim Kardashian writing a letter to herself. This is meant to inspire you to write your own letter, the outcome over 10 years might amaze you!

Video via glamour.com

Featured Image via Pinterest

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