Anti Social Music 3.0

Start off your week with these low key wave releases and keep up with wusgood on our beloved Soundcloud. Weekly updates on behalf of your social life.

Opening with major shade by Future going off on sexcand marijuana about his past relationship, as he claims to have “made” someone, whom he calls a bitch throughout the whole track. welp. Moving on to, Soulection’s #275 radio show giving us warm blanket vibes, guitar riffs and Erykah Badu classics. Next to Rascal’s recreation of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely” with chords provided by Justus West. Further on Elhae releases a mystery track he’s been teasing fans on Instagram with deleting soon hashtags. Produced by PartynNextDoor’s longtime friends/producers G RY and Neenyo, both responsible for most of the work on P3. Wrapping up with the follow up to “Cute,” “Cash Money” is another radio-friendly record that finds D.R.A.M. addressing his love for the money & “cash machine” over some infectious piano-driven production from Wallpaper. The single surfaced last week while D.R.A.M. is currently in the midst of his “Spread Love” Tour. Peep the playlist down below and have a good one.


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