Yung Internet leaches | Free Wifi

Let us introduce y’all to Yung Internet, the finest Hip hop/plug trio in downtown Amsterdam. Releasing their latest mixtape titled Free Wifi, heating up whats left of this shady ass summer.

Their trippy, out of the box mislead/understood lyrics is what puts them on the scene, aside from devious happenings through the Amsterdam nightlife, these guys just know whats good. What began as a sideline joke shifted in to releasing three mixtapes which caught the wave and in no time, Binnenstad was literally everywhere to be heard. Production has surely taken a swung, combining low-pitched ad-libs and narrow bass, delivered by the duo’s right hand Dj Hyperlink, although diversity is highly expected nowadays.

The 10 track carries feature appearances by Faberyayo, Niffo and Ome Omar, adding variety and detailed rhymes. Delivering upbeat tracks such as  “Ik zag je” seems like were bound to consume colorful treats, looking pass smooth female vocals that cross over and fade away. Moving on to  intersect songs as “Wreckless” and “Gewoon gebleven,” which allows the duo to operate freely inside hollowed-out beats and for all we know are just lit. Sonically speaking, there is a great deal of variety on Free Wifi, a project that still revolves primarily around drug utilization— alternative lifestyle, part self-aggrandizing , and even their own street slang —but yet isn’t beholden to its gloom. Meaning stating the obvious but then again altering their own genre.

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