Business + Creativity = Experience Moments Memories More Life

Consider us a Partner to grow with, A Unconventional Marketing Troupe and overall brand development Coach.

The Art of Capitalizing on Creativity

Minced Milk as a team, understands the power of creativity.  In order for us to provide a full picture, we’ve mapped out what we call ‘’the company’s Holy Trinity’’

This is the formula that forms our experience:

Our approach to achieving capitalization is through understanding our clients and the path a company has to follow to reach potential audiences.

Strategies which are implanted can be influenced by external factors which we can recognize, such as; trend watching, market analysis, human behavior, and environmental factors. Not only do we recognize global trends, but we are moved and inspired by different people and their cultures. Therefor we always see how far we can push a message to reach not one, but multiple audiences which could understand the message through creative storytelling.

We want to understand the meaning of everything so that we can get to the roots of an idea as to create the necessary experiences to increase brand recognition and in return increase sales.

Marketing & Digital Branding

Concept Development & Strategy

Visual Storytelling

360 Degree Branding

Experiential Marketing Strategy 


Music Consultancy & Management

Music Curation

Artist Branding

Artist Development

Tour Management


Concept Events



Final Question

Do or Dare?

Working with Minced Milk