Mom’s Playlist | by Nathalie Cijntje

This article is an ode to all the Mothers out there, being basically a multi-tasking Superwoman. Yes, this includes the Bonus Moms, Step-Moms and Pet Moms. Thank You for your unconditional love, care and for wearing all the six thinking caps to keep all that beautiful chaos together. 

With that being said, this question came to mind: What songs should the Modern Mom definitely be listening to in 2021? 

We’ve reached out to our girl Nathalie Cijntje, a DJ, Mompreneur, Organizer of Stir it up Rotterdam and Night Life Rotterdam. In a few words, Nathalie embodies strength, passion and makes motherhood look so flawless. She will be sharing her favorite songs and depict some of the perks of being a mom. 🤱

The Chronicles of Nathalie Cijntje & Lua Evelyn Rae

The chronicles of Nathalie Cijntje (DJ Evelyn Rae) and daughter Lua Evelyn Rae, that’s how I see my life. New events and life lessons presents itself each and every day; These stories I built and write with Lua is something that will be forever ingrained in our memories to tell the grandchildren later on.

We experience a lot together including the good and the bad times, we share them both. Being a mother for Lua is not always easy, the reason is because we mirror each other and the resemblance can be quite confronting.

Lua has been in my life for 10 years including my pregnancy. Because of her I got to know myself better and was able to rediscover and expand my passion for music, which is why I chose to name my DJ name after her. I am a free spirited mother myself, I think it is important to also do my own things. Luckily Lua and I talk a lot about it and fortunately enough she has the same open-minded traits as I do. She is a wanderlust and that is an important factor for me to always stay close to yourself and to continuously develop growth in life.

Top Five Mommy Things To Do

1. Philosophize with Lua. I recommend all moms do it, you have no idea how wise your child is. Understand your kid(s) from which perspective he / she gives answers, after all your child has his / her own perception.

2. Cooking together.

3. Spoon in bed with Lua and the best thing there is, is to see her sleeping, so peaceful and  pure!

4. Playing games together. Lua and I both can’t stand our loss, so it’s always exciting to see how it will play out.

5. Sing together while walking or in the car and just enjoying ourselves.

My playlist contains songs that I dance or vibe on with Lua. There will be different genres of music, which adds on to the listening pleasure. Enjoy! -X- Nathalie Cijntje