Veinte Uñas | Mixed it up for La Collectif

Check out Veinte Uñas Mixtape for London based, La Collectif.

La Collectif · La Mixtape #009 – 20 Uñas

Veinte Uñas is the name of a Peruvian DJ born in Lima, raised in Rotterdam. She’s an interdisciplinary artist, specialised on photography and mixed media. About a year ago, once she realised those mediums didn’t allow her creativity to be expressed at its fullest, she began to mixing music.

During the lockdown period in 2020 she found her peace and took a serious focus on music. While at it, she created 20 Uñas. Luckily, she had brought along in her suitcase her Pioneer DDJ-SB, which was a salvation during quarantine times. She then began to play live at Radio Tecno/Deephouse Piura.

20 Uñas combines all kinds of sounds, from psychedelic cumbia to lo-fi, future beats and reggaeton. She couldn’t put her style, a mix of so many worlds, into simple words. As an artist, she likes to trespass limits….

”What matters is that while she plays, she’s discovering herself. And we get to experience that”

Source  La Collectif