Red Earth Ambience | by Tera Kòrá

Red Earth Relaxing Ambience | by Tera Kòrá – Chill Mix | Neo-Soul| Calm | Smooth Grooves

Minced Milk has recently launched an incense line with Solomon the Cat as their mascot. Solomon is pretty much relaxing in his sanctuary after a long busy week being the Dean at his own ACATemy. As much as he likes sharing his knowledge with his students, Music is one of his ultimate passions and Solomon will be inviting different artists to curate music from time to time. Crafting the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

His passion is to spread endless high vibrations and love through the incense line. Solomon decided to give producer Tera Kòrá a call for the first episode and asked him to join us for our first YouTube mix. This mix is curated with the focus in mind on Me-Time, Calmness & Relaxation. A smooth vibrating sound relaxes the mind after a long day. For the best experience try to chill like Solomon (shown in the video above) with some wine or tea, a great book, and burn one of our incense products.

Illustration Kalina Croes