T-Shawn On Bringing Back Genuineness With His First Editorial

T- shawn has just shared his three-item editorial consisted of a tailored half-cut overall and oversized outfit, which was inspired by the nostalgia and edgy interior colors of a disco club and old-school Hip Hop elements.

The return of genuine-ness fashion through vibrant candy shades of green/blue, yellow, and warm orange undertones.

Nowadays, everything is very accessible, so there are many people doing the same thing in the Fashion industry. Certain platforms and brands have the lead in the Dutch scene, but I feel it all starts to look a bit alike. I miss the real art and feeling, the amount of effort it takes for the work to be completed. Many people are focused on “numbers”. I want to change that.

T-shawn for Orisun Studio

Photography Jaimy Gail
Make-up Sophia Sinot

– Original article date 2016.
– Photo update 2021.