Throughout this editorial, Cozy discusses Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, The power of femininity, Upcoming EP, working on his sound, Affiliation with ANBU.

A cold Saturday morning paved a really interesting path for the MM team in Venlo, warmly welcomed by Francisco and his mother, the cozy levels were real. Upon arrival, we peeped at a much younger cozy posed with his sister but shrugged when the picture was pointed out. The inner kid resembled such a different view of the present.

A photogenic Cozy takes a glass of orange juice and croissant by the hand as he poses for Sandra and awaits our planning.

Who would you say is your biggest style inspiration seeing that you have a unique one.
The biggest style inspiration would be David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, and Prince. I think that a certain level of femininity is very powerful for your masculinity, finding the inner woman within. I think that’s very strong. All my jewels represent something and are very valuable to me. In every song I write, I write about that. I truly believe that a feminine man is the way a man should be because the most powerful force in the universe is the woman.

How did cozy come about?
Well, my name is Cisco as in Francisco, from there I started brainstorming until we landed on cozy. Which actually fit because I tend to fall asleep a lot, everywhere. Especially after drinking and consuming anything, my body is like okay it’s time to sleep now. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve fallen asleep in local döner shops or in the club. But then I had to change my name because Cozy was copyrighted and now it’s StayCozy, so that’s a bit rebellious I find.

How did your affiliation with the ANBU start?
” The internet really and of course Venlo cuz we’re all from there and the surrounding villages such as Tegelen. It happened really organic, we all just felt it together. Dylan and Jiri are best friends, then the rest just started joining in to make a clothing line named ANBU  — A Nation By Us, spaces where we feel comfortable creating our own shit and just feel cozy “— pun intended. We headed more into the direction of music. Now that the boys are blowing up we sort of drifted apart because I am more musically inclined in English.
So it’s two different sides of the coin. But I am really proud of them and I wish them all the bes

They have created their own genre which is Trap-pop, are you planning to ever go in this direction seeing you’re busy with the trap/soul wave. 

I think that every artist is slowly finding out their own path and going to evolve further and further and I think that my thing is more going towards the ’80s.  “I wanna go back but forward, evolve the things that were already there but with what we have now.”  With the crazy amount of autotune and technology we’ve got right now, with the different views on politics for example — I like to keep things relevant by telling stories. Such as  Eyes, was a story about starting in the morning and ending everything by the night, a heck of a relationship. And Eyes is the positive perspective of that, a poem I wrote about a beginning that went on for too long, which blossomed into Blind, the aftermath of Eyes. They contradict each other in context, title, visual, basically everything. At the time I didn’t expect them to differ from each other. In the video, I showed a manifestation of anger I had towards everything because no one deserves to be treated the way I was you know, but I was restrained and calm as well. The video really opened more doors for me, people don’t see me as a one-hit-wonder and it landed in the right crowd due to my aesthetics and sound.

Aside from collaborations how would you describe your sound?
I’m working on a lot of collaborations at the moment, but I’ve been noticing the more I focus on the collaborations the less space is left for self-growth so I’m trying to shut that down and focus on myself. I had a conversation with someone not too long ago about expressing myself in a different matter. To be more punk and outgoing and not limiting on love. Writing music from a poetic point of view. 

I do not want to be limited but I do want to spread my thoughts, and hopefully i have a positive influence on people, and that’s really cool to me. I am a very  vague person so it means a lot to me. 

”Because of my spirituality I see other people’s aura and colorway faster than my own, so recently I’ve been avoiding mirrors. Mirrors are scary.

Interview by Doorjé Animashaun
Photography by Sandra Zegarra Patow



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